Jessica-platformNorth Vancouver is known for high quality education. We have much for which to be grateful. But the teachers strike made it clear that our school system faces many challenges. Our children need a strong advocate to maintain our high educational standards and to ensure successful learning environments. Jessica has the knowledge and background to be the advocate our schools need. As school trustee, Jessica will:

Optimize learning environments
Be transparent, responsive and collaborative
Foster community engagement and respectful relationships

To optimize learning environments, teachers need up-to-date learning materials, students need increased teacher attention, and schools need to be safe and clean learning environments. Our school board must understand how mental and intellectual challenges affect our classrooms in order to allocate funds and to ensure successful learning environments for all children.

School district governance must be transparent, responsive, and collaborative. During the strike, the community wanted more communication and leadership from our school board. Students, parents, and community members should be welcome contributors to school district decisions, including land use and educational programs. Improved communication with the community would foster engagement and increase transparency.

Strengthening collaborative and respectful relationships with teachers, staff and community members will improve decision-making and school district governance. Fostering cooperative working relationships will improve morale, functioning, and efficiency.

Jessica has the knowledge, experience, and passion to work collaboratively with all members of North Vancouver School District to reach these goals.