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Jessica Stanley is a mother of three school-aged children and like many parents is concerned about the underfunding and overburdening of our schools. As a PhD in Psychology with experience in working with troubled youth, Jessica knows the conditions that are necessary for children of all abilities to succeed at school. She also understands that our kids deserve safe and clean learning environments where they get up-to-date materials and enough teacher attention to thrive. Jessica values the interconnectedness of schools and our communities and believes that strategic planning and decision making needs to honour that connection.

Our school district faces many challenges, and relationships with teachers, staff, and community members need to be repaired. As School Trustee, Jessica will work to optimize learning environments, will foster community engagement, and will be transparent, responsive and collaborative in her work towards bettering our children’s education. Please read Jessica’s platform and bio to understand how she is the experienced, fresh perspective that our school district needs.

Thank you for taking the time to get informed about the issues and candidates in the upcoming municipal election. Your vote matters, please vote on October 20th.

“Our Public School System needs problem solvers like Jessica Stanley. She has the integrity, practicality, and interpersonal skills to balance budgets with community needs. She is someone who listens, and brings people together.”
– David Prentice, retired teacher